Interior Sketches

Quick Interior Sketches with Ballpoint Pen and Markers

Lancia Stratos / Retrofuturism

Lancia Stratos Redesign/Retrostyle
Wanted to take part in the simkom tshirt-sketchcontest but unfortunately couldn't make the deadline and finish this beauty due to more important work.So now I had a bit of time and made it more retro-futuristic. Tried out yet another style to show my variety. This time I did not start with a sketch, just started to block in and refined it brush by brush until i was happy with it. Hope you like it!

Audi Namrock SUV Rendering

Audi Namrock SUV Rendering

Audi Namrock SUV Rendering Rear View

Audi Namrock SUV Rear View
Render Variation

Audi Namrock Sideview

Quick Sidview Rendering of my Audi Namrock SUV Concept

Audi Namrock SUV Sketches

Audi Namrock SUV Sketch #1

Audi Namrock SUV Sketch #2

These sketches were part of a Sketchproject for an Audi SUV Concept called "Namrock" 
I worked on and refined #2.
more to come soon...

Enzkreis Sculpture

Enzkreis Skulptur Rathaus Mönsheim

My fellow student Kay Zaß and me won a sculpture-contest, in which the aim originally was, to design a border stone for the "Enzkreis", the area which is surrounding Pforzheim.
We had the simple idea to just extrude the shape of the area on the map and convinced the judges to win the contest.
After a presentation in university at the degreeshow, our handmade designmodel was exhibited in the city hall and because of the positive feedback, the head of the district authority decided to implement the sculpture.
The final sculpture is created out of the premodel and 3d data implemented as
an iron-casting. It is mounted in front of the new city hall of Mönsheim and possibly in front of other city halls, too.

Internship at KISKA

Some photos and snaps from my mobile of the time i was living in Austria, Salzburg, during my Internship at one of the leading european designstudios - KISKA
Rare Bugatti from 1924 worth ~1 million Euros at the Cross-Roads-event 
Being a big petrolhead and driving fanatic, i was able to race with a KTM X-Bow (designed by KISKA, of course) on a closed Formula 1- Racetrack. Of course this was something i HAD to do. And it was such a pleasure drifting this tailhappy beast around the corners... even though i would have prefered my beloved Nürburgring Nordschleife :)

Me (left side) overtaking on the main straight

Those little things, employees do, which made it even more fun to work at KISKA :)

Salzburg, View from Mönchsberg

What a nice view on the walk to work. The Untersberg
Kitzsteinhorn, Kaprun. Snowboarding on the glacier at the weekends.

GT5 simulator with a X-Bow-Monocoque !!The office seemed to be made for people like me !!
I enjoyed doing races against other designers :) .. and winning each of them, too :P
I never thought i would miss a working place...

Königsseeache, only 3 minute-walk from the office and the sandbanks were such perfect locations for lunch and bbq

I had such an awesome time at KISKA and met lots of cool people i still have contact with, i learned a lot of stuff and developed myself much further. Thank you all so much for this great experience :)
I'll be happy to see you again some day.

Smart eGo, the electric monobike

Two-day kick-off project at university in a mixed group. The goal was to develop a very small mobility solution for a future city with the ctg for a certain brand and within some dimensional restrictions. Here are some of my sketches i contributed for my team.

4one - Urban Mobility - Ultralight Personal Commuter

This was a three-week project at university
during my fourth semester at Pforzheim Industrial Design, from sketch to finished cad model, animation and presentation.
This short animation was shown at the Degreeshow
in Pforzheim in addition to my Plots.
Note, that the interieur of this CAD-Model was not
 finished while rendering the animations. Modeled in Alias and rendered in Keyshot and Adobe After Effects.


Porsche Sketch
Quick sketch with a touch of photoshop

bmw coupé

BMW coupé sketch