Internship at KISKA

Some photos and snaps from my mobile of the time i was living in Austria, Salzburg, during my Internship at one of the leading european designstudios - KISKA
Rare Bugatti from 1924 worth ~1 million Euros at the Cross-Roads-event 
Being a big petrolhead and driving fanatic, i was able to race with a KTM X-Bow (designed by KISKA, of course) on a closed Formula 1- Racetrack. Of course this was something i HAD to do. And it was such a pleasure drifting this tailhappy beast around the corners... even though i would have prefered my beloved Nürburgring Nordschleife :)

Me (left side) overtaking on the main straight

Those little things, employees do, which made it even more fun to work at KISKA :)

Salzburg, View from Mönchsberg

What a nice view on the walk to work. The Untersberg
Kitzsteinhorn, Kaprun. Snowboarding on the glacier at the weekends.

GT5 simulator with a X-Bow-Monocoque !!The office seemed to be made for people like me !!
I enjoyed doing races against other designers :) .. and winning each of them, too :P
I never thought i would miss a working place...

Königsseeache, only 3 minute-walk from the office and the sandbanks were such perfect locations for lunch and bbq

I had such an awesome time at KISKA and met lots of cool people i still have contact with, i learned a lot of stuff and developed myself much further. Thank you all so much for this great experience :)
I'll be happy to see you again some day.

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