some more sketching

bmw x sketch (polychromos)

quick car sketches with a felt tip pen.

Nissan Convertible Sketch + Rendering

Nissan Convertible Rendering + Sketch (Cintiq + Photoshop)

3d modeling in Alias Automotive practice

Before we started our 2nd term in Industrial Design in Pforzheim, we were able to
get an Alias Automotive course for one week and we learned some modeling techniques.
This is what i did for the last day of the course. We should design a very simple wooden toy,
but i ended up with something a bit more challenging, a new roller.

deviantart sketchbattle contest VW C(ar)itY

this is my entry for the "sketchbattle"-contest of the "Cardesignsketching"-group.
The Task was to design a small car for 1-2 persons.
I made everything with my cintiq (even the sketches) in Photoshop in less than 10 hours
as i recognised the contest only 1 day before the deadline, so i could not push it to the limit.

Talentstudio Stuttgart Designsketching Course

i was hired again by the talentstudio in stuttgart to teach applicants for an
industrial- and transportation design course some designsketching and gave some advises to each of them.

i really had a great time there and know how hard it is, to get accepted in one of the
top design colleges for Industrial Design as i also learned most of my skills during my application there some time ago.
I'm looking forward for the next time and wish
everyone very good luck, as most of them are also applying for pforzheim.
here are some photos of that course.

Porsche Speed-boat Concept Design Rendering

Porsche Speedboat Concept Design.
older sketch with ballpoint pen + Rendering done in Photoshop+ cintiq dtk2100