mini sketch + usb sticks with markers

more messing around with markers. those chartpak-ad markers smell like they were made out of alcoholic sulphur. after some sketching with them u really get a headache. only sketch with at least one window open :)

truck marker sketch

my first attempt to sketch a truck. having a lot of fun with my new markers :P

2nd term "Designsketching-Plot"

Theme: A modern product for a fairytale-character. I chose Hänsel & Gretel and made an Outdoor-Navigation-System.
Could be useful for hikers, mountainbikers or hang-gliders.

stegreifprojekt "timeless-bar" TULP-Design

Photoshop Rendering done by me, the CAD-Model was made by Thomas Hillebrand.
Done for a 2 day project with TULP - Design, had to design a bar for students. our theme was "timeless".
for this illusion of "timeless" the guests of the bar would have to lock in their watches and cellphones outside of the bar. Furthermore there are two parallel mirrors on two sides the whole room which create the effect of infinity, to be in a room which travels through time.
At the one long side you can see an object which works with waterdroplets and a stroboscope. This can create the effect of stopping the time or going it reversed like this:

And at the bar you would have a system that will always keep your beer-cup filled,
so that you don't have another indicator of time.

2nd Term Painting

One of my paintings during the 2nd term.