Lancia Stratos / Retrofuturism

Lancia Stratos Redesign/Retrostyle
Wanted to take part in the simkom tshirt-sketchcontest but unfortunately couldn't make the deadline and finish this beauty due to more important work.So now I had a bit of time and made it more retro-futuristic. Tried out yet another style to show my variety. This time I did not start with a sketch, just started to block in and refined it brush by brush until i was happy with it. Hope you like it!

Audi Namrock SUV Rendering

Audi Namrock SUV Rendering

Audi Namrock SUV Rendering Rear View

Audi Namrock SUV Rear View
Render Variation

Audi Namrock Sideview

Quick Sidview Rendering of my Audi Namrock SUV Concept

Audi Namrock SUV Sketches

Audi Namrock SUV Sketch #1

Audi Namrock SUV Sketch #2

These sketches were part of a Sketchproject for an Audi SUV Concept called "Namrock" 
I worked on and refined #2.
more to come soon...