Adidas -Project: Headphones

Degreeshow presentation with 1:1 physical design model:

My finished 3rd-term project. It was a cooperative project with the famous ADIDAS-brand, I also visited the very impressive adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach and presented my design to the Head-Designer of Adidas, Thomas Weege, and got great feedback.
For even more info, have a look at my project-booklet --> CLICK

Kommentare :

  1. Doesn't it kind of miss the purpose because you need to have small drivers, so they can be moved. So you have a Huge headphone but a tiny driver.

    The problem has been already solved vie Push to hear...

  2. Thanks Mr. Anonymous :)
    I did not know about Shures solution until you told me, but anyway, i wanted to make the feature visible to the customer and that's why i've chosen to solve the problem analog. Furthermore this adds a character to the Product which will make it more special and visual known, and like this, also the other person you are talking to ( or someone elese) can actually see that you can hear him/her now. It also adds some funny and interesting touch, to see the ear through the headphones and makes people interested about the product. The driver-size should be good enough for a sports headphones, i tried it out and also bought drivers, so that i can build them into the 1:1 functioning model. Thanks for your critic !!

    Are you a product designer yourself ? Would like to see some work of you,
    Have a nice day,